developing a plan to deal with a problem

You are a manager within a criminal justice agency. One day, during duty hours, while speaking with Officer Joe you detect a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Officer Joe has maintained the status of a top performer within your department; however, recently he has been displaying the following behavior:
Rebellious and violates the rules of the department
Displays a disheveled appearance
Is rude and disrespectful of other employees
Address the following:
Develop a 1,050–1,400 word plan to deal with the Officer Joe’s problem. Include the following in your plan:
Identify the problems associated with this officer and possible causes.
Indicate what effects his actions can have upon the police organization.
Determine your management priorities.
Identify what options are available to you as a manager.
Design at least two possible solutions to the problem and select the best solution.
Define what indicators determine the success or failure of your solution.
Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.
Include a title and reference page.
Cite a minimum of two sources within the body of your paper using in-text citations where appropriate.

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