Developing an answerable question

Topic: Developing an answerable question

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For this assignment you will be required to develop an answerable question that
can be answered by using the skills of inquiry. You will develop your question using
a framework such as the PICO model (Population, Intervention, Comparator, and
1. From the scenarios provided, choose one as a basis for your inquiry.
2. Read the scenario carefully and identify an issue that you would like to explore in
more detail.
3. Formulate an answerable question to address the issue identified in step two.
4. Describe the process you used for developing the question, paying particular
attention to identifying each element and the choice of key words
5. Search for evidence to answer the question developed in step two.
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6. Describe the search process and strategy used to find this evidence
7. Ensure you cite the five pieces of evidence as in-text citations within your essay and
in full in your reference list [does not count towards word count]
8. Provide an annotated bibliography for two of the pieces of evidence you secured to
answer your question

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