Developing and conducting training courses in using business

A company (TECH TRAIN) specializes in developing and conducting training courses in using business software. The courses are aimed at companies who wish their personnel to be computer literate. TECH TRAIN has developed two courses, both of five days duration, aimed at personnel who have little knowledge of computers. Over a test period of three months TECH TRAIN run the two courses on a number of occasions. Companies are allowed to choose which of the two courses they wish their personnel to follow. After each course TECH TRAIN give personnel a standard test to assess their understanding of computing and business software.

After the test period TECH TRAIN take a sample of participant test results from both training courses. The results are shown below:

TECH TRAIN intends to analyze these data using an appropriate hypothesis test.

(i) Formulate and perform this test using a 5 per cent level of significance. What conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of the two training courses?

(ii) Construct an error bar plot for the data. How does this plot support your part (i) conclusions?

(iii) What reservations do you have on your conclusions?

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