Development and design of a questionnaire – Statistics and Research Methods

The questionnaire development consists of 3 parts in Health care section:

1. Description of survey objectives, target group and structure of the questionnaire
2. Outline of conceptualisation and operationalisation of at least one (or several) variable(s)
3. Design of a questionnaire or a part of a questionnaire (up to 3 pages)
Specification of the survey objectives,
target group,
structure of the questionnaire and operationalisation of variable(s)
Following of fundamental principles of writing questions,
general understanding,
avoiding context effects,
recall or memory effects,
sensivity effects and social desirability
Language, wording, sentence length,
tone, order of clauses, use of qualifiers, avoiding double-barrelled questions,
leading or unbalanced questions
Appropriate number and order of response options, tables, matrices, rating scales, consistency
Layout, cognitive functionality, complexity, natural mappings, standardising question pattern

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