Diagnose Vignette’s

Diagnose Vignette’s

In the role of an observer, select the responses of three classmates. Diagnose each classmate’s vignette and provide the reasons and/or criteria for making your decisions. Lastly, make a treatment recommendation for each of the clients.

I can give different cases if you can’t figure these 3 out. this does not have to be long, it is just a response to a discussion board so maybe 1/3 to 1/2 pg each.


My clients name is Ana, she is 45 years of age. Ana has been occupying the same residents since she was a little girl. All her fondess memories since she was little have been in the same house. Last year she had a house fire which devastated the whole house and there was nothing left of her residence.Since Ana has lost the only home she has ever known she has struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep. She becomes very startled at any loud noises and she has ongoing worry and tension.
Her husband told me she was across the street at a neighbors house when the explosion happened and has not been the same ever since. He has continued to tell me that she is very anxious all the time and panicky. He also tells me that she becomes startled at any loud noises and becomes very irritable since she has lost the only home she has ever known. Besides what her husband has told me she also suffers from consentration issues , headaches,sweating, and restlessness. I have explained to them both that they are not alone in this fight. I explained to them that there is about 4 million people per years that suffer from this and taht we will make it through this together and get her on medication to help with her panic attacks and so forth.

With this vignette I hope you can tell me her diagnosis.
The Jones family brings their daughter Jessica in secondary to odd behaviors she has been engaging in over the last few months. Jessica is 16 and comes from an intact family unit. Her father works as a police officer and her mother is a nurse. Jessica worries about her father asking constantly when he will be home and if he is safe. The family notes that Jessica washes her hand incessantly, sometimes two or three times in the same episode. She touches light switches ten times before turning the lights on or off. Her school work is also starting to suffer, as she erases her work so much that she rubs a hole in the paper.
Her teachers have expressed concerns with her odd behavior as well. She becomes very agitated and repeatedly say “no” when someone touches her desk or gets close to her. They have also noted a large collection of paper clips in her desk. When she is called upon in class, she becomes non-responsive and stares out the window.
Upon individual interview with Jessica, it is noted that she constantly touches the arm of her chair she is seated in. She organizes random misplaced items into straight lines. She reports having reoccurring thoughts while trying to sleep and states it takes her hours to get to sleep at night. Jessica is concerned she is angering her parents with her behaviors, but doesn’t know how to control them.
Interview with Jessica’s parents it is revealed that Mrs. Jones had an uneventful pregnancy with Jessica. No illegal drugs were used during the pregnancy. They do report that Jessica has had several episodes of strep throat during her childhood and had surgery to remove her tonsils. After this surgery, she had an allergic reaction to the pain medication she was using and required further hospitalization. Father reports two of his siblings were diagnosised with ADHD at early ages and continue to require medication for ADHD. They reassure Jessica and myself that they want to work together to find a solutions for Jessica’s symptoms as they are worried about her, but have to anger towards her.
Julie a 17-year-old female high school student has always been shy and self-conscious around others, and never feels that she knows what to say or how to act. She doesn’t have a boyfriend or attend any social functions. She has very few friends and feels nauseous, flushed, tense and nervous during any casual interactions. After interacting with others she will often rehash the event in her mind. Eventhough her classmates believe she is very inteligent, they describe her as a loner and slightly odd. She aviods asking questions while in class because of the fear of asking a dumb question. Most of Julie’s time is occupied with reading her favorite books and sitting in trees.

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