Difference between sectoral and product pollution

1) Describe two major international declarations which relate to the rights of all persons to live in an environment which is not harmful to humans. Describe the difference between sectoral and product pollution. In your response indicate how the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea has affected how marine pollution is dealt with internationally.
2) Define and describe the use of “negotiation” and “mediation” as methods of international dispute resolution. In your response compare these methods of dispute resolution with the use of international tribunals such as the International Court of Justice. In your response describe the jurisdiction (authority) of this international forum as well as its usefulness in international dispute resolution.

3) In addition to the “stock corporation” define and describe two of the five following business entities: Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Limited Liability Partnership. In your response describe the define and describe the function of each of the three levels of the hierarchy.

Describe the advantages of doing business under each form. In your response indicate the differences in how certain entities such as a general partnership or a non corporate business association would differ in their treatment in Europe or elsewhere as opposed to the United States

4) Describe three “models” a multi national business entity might employ in conducting operations internationally. What advantage does a multi national business enterprise gain in having a wholly owned subsidiary conduct business operations beyond the parent corporation’s national home?

5) Describe the means by which a corporation might raise capital. In your response define and describe the different types of financial securities which might be marketed in order to raise capital. Describe the process by which financial securities might be marketed in the United State and other nations. In your response describe the use of the prospectus as a means of marketing securities in the United States and in other nations. How does the United States differ from other countries in the issuance of the par value and non par value corporate stock?

6) Describe the concept of “insider trading”. Give at least two examples of how someone might engage in insider trading. How is insider trading viewed by the laws of the United States and those of other nations?

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