Digital Assignment Project

The purpose of this assignment is to gauge your ability to perform proper and successful historical research. As online research becomes increasingly important to all academic disciplines it is necessary to be able to demonstrate proper research skills.

In a group no larger than three people, you will be required to access the Library of Congress website or another historical website and research a primary source. In five-minute presentation, you will identify the primary source, which time period it is from and how it is significant to history.


1. Go to the Library of Congress website ( or other historical website. (Check with professor before using any other website.)
2. Search a topic or time period and choose a suitable primary source.
3. From your search, identify one primary source and analyze it ? using the skills and definitions of a primary source defined on Cougar Courses. You are then required to explain why and how that primary source is historically significant.
4. If you have any questions about what constitutes a primary source, please use the link in the syllabus on Cougar Courses or contact me.

Your Assignment must:

1. Use your textbook to defend your analysis
2. Be a primary source or artifact
3. Include the URL to the primary source
4. Be five minutes long
5. Do not plagiarize and use only your textbook and a historically valid website
6. From the time period of this class

The assignment is due at the beginning of Week 9.

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