– Dimensional Forces

Physics – Dimensional Forces
Physics 20: 2-Dimensional Forces plus…

Hello I require the questions as well as work (step by step), showing formulas in basic form (variables) (using simple dynamics formulas e.g. Fnet = Fa – Ff or Fg = ma) Then apply the formulas with corresponding information (with numbers inserted)… Last thing please use significant digits for the final components asked for in the question. This is urgent and I’d most definitley search you out again in the case where you get this done before deadline… O_O Seriously. Since this is my first post it would be also like investment in me for being reccomended in future (if it works out).

1. A child pulls a loaded wagon with a total mass of 100 kg by applying a force of 120 N at an angle of 30.0o above the horizontal. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.25, determine the net force and acceleration of the wagon.

A 50.0 kg skier coasts along the surface of a snowy hill (assume no friction) tilted at an angle of 25.0o. Find the normal force acting on her, the force pulling her down the hill, and the acceleration. If there was a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.18, what would her acceleration be?

Mary (m = 50 kg) and Harry (m = 75 kg) are tied together by a rope. She is standing on a frictionless horizontal sheet of wet ice when Harry slips off of a cliff. Assuming the rope is horizontal as it pulls her towards the edge of the cliff, find the tension in the rope and the acceleration she experiences towards the cliff. What would happen to them if she cut the rope?

A hiker in Outdoor Ed stands on the rock face of a mountain. The soles and heels of her boots have a mfs of 1.0. What is the steepest slope she can stand on without slipping? Assuming her pants have a mfs of 0.30, what happens if she sits down to rest?

In the diagram, if m1 is 8.0 kg and m2 is 10.0 kg and the ramp is at a 35.0o angle find the acceleration of the masses assuming there is no friction. What would be the mfk for the system to be at equilibrium?

6. A child shoots a 3.0 g bottle cap up a ramp 20o above horizontal at 2.0 m/s. The cap slides in a straight line, slowing to 1.0 m/s after traveling some distance, d. If mfk is 0.40, find that distance.

7. Two monkeys with equal mass hang from the ends of a rope passing over a weightless, frictionless pulley. If one accelerates up the rope at 1.0 m/s2, what will happen to the other?

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