Direct and Internet Marketing

Paper details

Rationale The students will write an essay explaining the value of digital and direct marketing
Other info Students will be expected to use relevant conceptual theories and frameworks applied to their target companies

The report should be 2500 words (10% +/- tolerance level).
% weight 50%

This purpose of this essay is to understand how the advancement of technologies has affected the business models and in turn the marketing strategies for businesses. Students are expected to answer the questions through a thorough investigation of academic literature, as well as a more applied approach into stronger conclusive arguments and recommendations-based proposals. This can further be done through a thorough analysis of at least one business especially in this highly practical subject matter of internet and Digital Marketing. The aim here is to investigate the changes in companies? marketing models from traditional (direct) to digital. The main aspects to be studied are:

1. The distinctions and similarities between direct and digital marketing
2. The major techniques and tools used for direct and digital marketing
3. How can customer behaviour be measured and influenced through direct and digital marketing?
4. How can performance be measured for direct and digital marketing?
5. The major ethical issues associated with direct and digital marketing?
6. Limitations of research and
7. Recommendations for the chosen case, to further improve their strategic positioning in the market.

? The report should be presented in the form of an academic piece of writing.
? The topics should be organised in categories such as Introduction, Literature review, Research Design, Data collection and Analysis, Conclusion and Recommendation, Limitations of Research
? Students are required to reference additional sources (for models and theories) beyond the core texts and lecture material.
? Full referencing in Harvard style (see Blackboard for details)

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