Dirty bombs

identify a misconceptions about dirty bombs such as, 1) the hype that terrorist can easily access low-grade radioactive materials and assemble a dirty bomb. Sure it is easy to build a dirty bomb however, there is a misconception that “its simple and the materials are easily accessible”.
2) There is also a misconception that we(US government) is prepared for a dirty bomb attack. I want to emphasis that we are not as well prepared as we may think. The logistical and disruption it can cause in a city is enormous thus we must take the threat seriously and prepare for a possible future attack. Up to 2001 the main focus had been nuclear weapons however, due to the fact that nuclear is expensive and requires sophisticated technology terrorist have been interested in dirty bombs.

Students will identify one of their incoming misconceptions or that of a prominent source about an unconventional technology, analyze the ramifications of that misconception for understanding associated security and policy issues, and make recommendations for policy makers in 9 pages or less. The paper must include an executive summary of up to one-page maximum, which counts towards the length. This is an analytic writing assignment, emphasis on analytic. Papers must analyze the ?why? and ?so what.? In addition, discussion and analysis of technical aspects should play an important role in your paper, whether because the misconception you choose is about a technical topic, a technical topic drives the misconception, or the misconception is relevant because of technical issues.

To make sure I can apply the length guidelines fairly, please use one inch margins all around, Calibri 11 pt font, US letter-size paper, footnotes, and double spacing.

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