Disabling Condition

Disabling ConditionOrder Description

. Select one of the disabling conditions (autism, physical disabilities, mental retardation, sensory impairments, multiple disabilities).
2. Go to your local bookstore and look through the books for the general public concerning that disabling condition.
3. You can include parent books, children’s books, or any other types of books that provide information about the disabling condition.
4. Copy down the name, author/s, and publisher for at least 5 books addressing your topic.
5. Based on the information you can gather at your bookstore, write a two-three page description (including references) of how well you think the general public is informed about your disability area, what areas they might need more information about, and how you think these books inform people without professional resources.
6. Make sure to describe the purpose of each book you selected, content areas briefly, what that book offers to general public, and the authenticity of information based on your readings in this class. Write whether the book describes research-based strategies we studied in this class.
7. Include a reference section listing the books.

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