Discuss beethoven and his career

1. 1. Discuss basic “sonata form” style as we find it in a simple piece such as a “contradance”, and then describe “sonata form” in the organization of a more complex piece such as a classical symphony movement.

2. 2. Discuss Beethoven and his career. Discuss Vienna, arts, and patronage (include topics such as Napoleon, war, peace, politics, government style, music business and the rise of concert halls and a new kind of audience). Discuss Beethoven and his progressive ideas as a composer.

3. A. Discuss the topics and sources of opera stories in the 19th century, from Weber through Gounod, Wagner, and Verdi.

B. Also discuss the internal styles of opera during this time, including concepts of formal overtures vs other kinds of introductions, recitatives, set pieces, through-composed opera.

4. 3. Discuss Tchaikovsky and his musical style. Talk about music we have listened to in class, such as the Romeo and Juliet Overture and the first movement of the Sixth Symphony.

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