Discuss freud view of society and humans

In a 1000-word research essay discuss Freud’s view of society and humans’ attempts to adapt to that society. Find and study at least three scholarly articles on Freud’s work to help you formulate a research paper on Freud’s view of society. Your essay needs a clear and arguable thesis statement. Use MLA standard format for in-text citations and your Works Cited list. (Be sure to let me know if you do not have access to a public library or a school library for academic online research, or if you need help in other areas of the assignment).
These questions will help start your analysis: Does Freud see a suitable solution to the problems of civilization and its discontents? Do you agree with Freud that civilization impedes happiness? Do you agree with Freud that people have innate tendencies towards aggression, destruction, and cruelty? What is the role of love in society, according to Freud?

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