Discuss limitations, omissions,or technical flaws

Assignment Description

You have to

(I) Write a research paper with a total size of 6-8 pages

The research paper should contain at least the following sections. Note that you may add sections and subsections to improve the paper and its structure; for example, you may want to organize the literature review in sub-sections, and/or you may want to include a Background section after the Introduction.

1. An abstract where you state what you have done, what is the contribution of the paper to the literature and what is the significance of that contribution (200-300 words).

2. An introduction where you state the research context/background, your research question, the practical relevance of this question, how you will answer this question, and how the paper is structured.

3. A critical analysis of existing literature addressing your research question. For relevant articles analyzed, provide a summary, discuss any interesting results, insights, or contributions, and also discuss limitations,omissions, or technical flaws you have identified that are important regarding your research question. Additionally, you can also review relevant practices from high quality sources, when applicable.

4. A discussion of mitigation/countermeasures from research and/or current practices that minimize or avoid issues identified by the literature review in respect to the research question.

5. A conclusion where you draw conclusions about the research you carried out to answer the research question. Elaborate on possibilities for future research; imagine you have the opportunity to carry on researching the topic based on the knowledge you gained and the ideas you mentioned in the discussion.

The topic and research question that will drive your research can be selected from the list contained in the next section.


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