Discuss the cycles of community change

Question 1.Discuss the connection between IQ and crime. Include in your discussion the controversy over the association between intelligence and crime.

Question 2. What is the basic premise of behavioral theory and how is aggression modeled?

Question 3. Identify four biochemical conditions that may lead to antisocial behavior and crime and why these conditions do so.

Question 4. Define concentric zones and the relationship between the zones and the crime rate. Specifically discuss the work of Shaw and McKay focusing upon transitional neighborhoods.

Question 5. Discuss the cycles of community change and how they impact collective efficacy.

Question 6. Distinguish between county law enforcement and metropolitan (local) police forces.

Question 7. Explain the jury selection process, the verdict process for jurors and the verdict requirements that impact different juries based upon their size.

Question 8. Discuss the main types of social learning theory.

Question 9. Explain the term “problem behavior syndrome.”

Question 10. What are the root causes of child abuse?

Question 11. Explain the difference between fraud and embezzlement.

Question 12. Define white-collar crime.

Question 13. Discuss the concept of stealing intellectual property.

Question 14. What does it mean to “burgle a home”

Question 15. What are the problems of prisoner re-entry.

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