Discuss the techniques you use to manage your time wisely


Discuss the techniques you use to manage your time wisely. Share at least three tips that you feel are useful for building time management techniques. should be 200 words.

Text Book: Beebe, S.A.,& Mottet, TP(2013).Business and professional communication: Principles and skills for leadership(2nded.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Question 2

Read Communication Skills for a Digital Age Box (Pg. 139). After reading the do’s and don’ts of Facebook for work, create a list of at least three rules your company would use for Facebook. Also include why these rules are needed.

Question 3

Take the “Where your time goes” time waster inventory (picture 2421 and 2423). Evaluate your results and write a short essay covering:
Your results.

Discuss any changes you would like to make in allocating your time

Elaborate on how these changes might make you a more effective leader.

Question 4

Read Communication Ethics box (pp. 128) and choose two of the four questions to answer.

i. Discuss your conflict style(s) and how they affect your communication in the workplace. Write a short essay explaining what skills for managing emotions and conflict you use as aids when you communicate in the workplace or at home (picture 2425).

Attachment:- Readings.pdf

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