Discuss time period- forces involved on chinese politics

Short Essays:

Long March. Discuss time period, forces involved, and impact on Chinese politics.

Cultural Revolution in China. Analyze major characteristics and discuss its impacts on the Chinese society.

Marshall Plan. Discuss time period, main agenda, and impact.

Cold War. Discuss time period, main players, and outcome.

PLO. Discuss its emergence and main platform.

Long Essays:

Compare and contrast the authoritarian regimes that came to power between 1922 and 1939 in Japan, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union. In a broad sense, how much did they have in common with each other despite their profound differences?

Define the term “Third World.” What did all the nations who fell under this category have in common? What differences did they have?

How different Third World countries tried to develop modern nation-states and examine what were their successes and failures? Also analyze how the Cold War and the super power competition impacted political development in the Third Word.

How would you compare the main components of Jewish and Palestinian nationalisms?

Also discuss different stages in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the prospects for peace.

In what way Maoism was regarded as a revolutionary ideology for the Third World?

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