Discuss why water may be the next hot commodity

Write 1 full page per question, list references used.

1. Discuss why water may be the next hot commodity. Currently China has control of a big part of the Asian water supply and is building dams on a variety of rivers. What countries will experience water shortages if this occurs? Consequences?

2. One can argue that maintaining crop/livestock biodiversity is critical. If you are in a developing country, why would you switch to a more modern strain versus staying with the current genetics for either plants or animals?

3. The earth has had hotter and colder temperatures in the past, but has warmed about 1F up until 1998 or so with warmer temperatures since then, but no statistically significant warming in the past 18 years or so. Do some research and try to define what would be considered the “normal or correct” temperature.

4. In one sentence, describe why a battery operated car that has the range of a gasoline car is so difficult to produce? Is an electric car really green?

5. Another outbreak of bird flu is happening in Europe currently and is spreading? Discuss what is happening and what are the possibilities of transmission to humans.

Length : 5 Pages.

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