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Read Chapter 1 in your text, and the 2 articles assigned in eReserves prior to preparing this Discussion Forum post.

Think about the three elements of an ethical organizational culture outlined in the article, “Developing and Sustaining an Ethical Culture” by Mark Schwartz.  In the first paragraph of your post articulate your understanding of how the three elements are interrelated, and address the following: Do you think all three elements are equally important? If not, which do you believe is the most important and why?

Ethical leadership is one of the key elements of an organization’s ethical culture.  The article, “Moral Person and Moral Manager” by Trevino, Hartman and Brown goes into depth about the qualities and actions an ethical leader must display.  In the second paragraph of your post think about an organization you work for now or have in the recent past and address the following: 1) Did it have an ethical or unethical culture?  2) Which category of the Moral Person/Moral Manager framework (Figure 2 on p. 137 of the Trevino et al. article) does the leader of the leader of the organization display; and 3) What impact does this category have on the overall ethical culture of the organization?

Finally, review the portion of your Collins Text, Ch. 1 that describes Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Development. Given what your text tells you about the levels of moral development, what level do you believe are in?  Snare om the third paragraph of your post, what this level is and how you came to that conclusion.  Then share your thoughts on the following question:  Given your level of moral development, do you feel prepared to be a successful ethical leader in an organization OR what further development do you feel you need.

Your combined first post (all three paragraphs fully proofread and in professional language)

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