For this order, please read the following instructions:

Take time to download the publications on this website. On the drop down menu, you can choose the area you are interested in.

Link: http://www.nyclu.org/issues/all/publications

I would like you to explore the New York Civil liberty Union’s website.

Link: http://www.nyclu.org/

Pay attention to the publication materials and also, take a look at the cases they are or have worked with. Discuss 3 things that are new to you. Review the following topics and identify 3 interesting facts:

LGBT Rights

Teens Rights to Health Care

Reproductive Rights

Youth and Students Rights

Women Equality

Immigrant’s Rights

Please make sure to answer all of these questions and/or what the instructions are asking for. This is a discussion board question(s). Check for grammatical errors. Think creatively/critically. APA format. Do not plagiarize, paraphrase. Please make sure to section each areas in bold, this way I’ll know which answer(s) belongs to which!

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