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I need someone to answer 8 disscussion board question with at least 100 word count no plagiarism at all as I will be checking for 100 percent authentic sentences. Also if  text is taken from sources it needs to be written in APA format and if sources are used they need to be referenced. Please I cannot stress enough deadlines and making sure work is the way I need it. Deadline is 2/19/17 at 11 pm I need this assignment done first before any other ones I might ask you to work on. Thanks James

1.      Discuss what types of applications outside of the domain could use federation services as 

an authentication method for single sign-on.

2.      Discuss the pros and cons of installing your own Certificate Authority (CA). Do you still

need to subscribe to an internet based CA to use certificates outside of your domain?

3.      Discuss how the Rights Management Service (RMS) aids in the overall security strategy

for an organization to protect its confidential information.

4.      What is a Public Key Infrastructure and what some of the benefits that it is used for?

Examples of benefits are Authenticity, Integrity, Confidentiality

5.      What is a digital certificate and what is to used for and where can and administrator get

one to use for its server?

6.      How do we Backup and Restore AD RMS? Also how do we restore these three database Configuration, Directory Services, Logging.

7.      What is Active Directory Rights Management Services and what is it generally used for?

8.      What is Active Directory Federation Services what is it used for and how does it allow

               administrators to configure SSO or single sign on?

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