Dissertation – atm banking behaviour in saudi arabia

Dissertation Title – ATM Banking Behaviour in Saudi Arabia
Problem Statement: Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are one of the most widespread banking devices that facilitate financing, banking transactions and services for consumers in financial institutes. As much as a large number of ATMs is circulating the number of consumers is still low globally, and is relatively lower in the middle east specifically in Saudi Arabia. This research will identify the reasons behind this low consumption rate and will acknowledge the problems that consumers face while interacting with ATMs and will suggest recommendations that will enhance the usability of ATMs in Saudi Arabia.

Aims and Objectives: Help to understand customer’s behavior and the reasoning behind the lack of usability of ATMs, and if these reasons affect the efficiency of ATMs, if yes than to what extent and how we can recommend solutions to recover from such ineffectiveness.

Importance: It will allow us to understand consumer’s behavior to similar new technologies in the future. When we understand their behavior we indicate other preferences for consumers. Expand the vision. ATM are too much a costly investment and an asset for financial Institutions, improving the usability of ATMs will get back with a return of this investment.

Scope: This study focuses in Saudi Arabia. Specifically Jeddah.

Methodology: Survey: Quantitative method. Distributed to people who have bank accounts.

Data Collection: Previous case studies conducted in Saudi Arabia regarding ATMs.

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