Distributing & Retail ]


You will need to prepare a business report by assuming that your boss will read it. In this report, you will produce a retail mix strategy.


An Executive Summary

Industry and Market Analysis:

A short description of the industry and the market (size of the market, financial figures, etc.). You need to provide macro and micro environmental analysis of the selected retailer’s market. Think about using potential analysis tools, such as PEST(EL), SWOT, Porter 5 Force’s.

Consumer Behaviour

In this section, you should identify the targeting strategy of the retailer and its brand positioning and the image of the retail store.

Retail Mix Strategy:

Document the selected retail’s employed strategies of:

Distribution and merchandising;

Employed pricing strategies;

Employed promotional strategies;

Store location;

Store design & layout, atmosphere;

Multi-channel offering.


The report should conclude with the summary of overall key findings, but more importantly recommendation/ implementations that your boss would consider to apply it in order to improve the success of the business.



Important Note:

This research will be based on mainly secondary research, however, store visiting and/or first hand data collection could be considered.


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