Distributive Negotiation Experience

DeMarr, B. J., & de Janasz, S. C. (2013).Negotiation and dispute resolution. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Exercise 3.5   My Distributive Negotiation Experience

For this exercise you will need to think of a distributive negotiation in which you or someone you know was a participant and write a brief paper on the experience. In writing your paper, be sure to address:


Who were the participants?

What was the subject of the negotiation?

What was the history, if any, between the parties?

The Negotiation

What were the opening positions of each party?

What power and/or hardball tactics were used by each party?

How did the other party respond to the power tactics?

What was the substantive outcome of the negotiation? What was the relationship outcome of the negotiation?


What was the turning point in the negotiation?

Were any power tactics used inappropriately?

Could either party have used power tactics more effectively?



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