Domestic Water Use

Paper details:
This is a Lab report based on Domestic Water Use.
Here are some Youtube Videos sent by the professor:
You will need my login to access the folder Miami ? Dade Water Quality Reports & Department Facts.
Y??????ou will visit :
Username is pdias002 password is Denis11512*
To access the assignment folder click on the following:
1.EVR1001L ? Introduction to Environmental Science Lab ? Section RVC ? Fall 2016
2.Course Content
3. Scroll down until you see Unit 2: Local Awareness
4.Then Click on Domestic Water Use
Please use the resources in that folder in order to complete the lab report.
Have a attached the format for the report and also an example of how the lab report should look like which is the
first attachment. Please follow exactly the format and label each column (introduction, graph conclusion etc).
The tab labeled Discussion questions will be the questions I need answered under the discussion part of the lab

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