Drawing on the Resource Based View literature, evaluate whether and how Wal-Mart generates sustainable competitive advantage.

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This assessment task requires you to both discuss the appropriate theoretical area and, drawing on evidence from the case study provided, to apply these theoretical ideas to this ?real world? example. The key to doing well is to demonstrate that you can discuss the theoretical ideas and apply these in an analysis of an organisation, as you have been doing in the seminars. You are of course permitted to draw on other areas of the strategy literature, provided that they support an argument based on the RBV.

assignment MUST be written around the evidence in the case study provided. There is no need to do any additional research on Wal-Mart, and we are not interested in what
Wal-Mart is doing now. All evidence drawn from the case study must be appropriately referenced, as should all of the academic ideas that you draw on. We regard the case study as ‘common knowledge’ for this assignment so you are only required to reference evidence drawn from the case study by page number and use the prefix ‘W’ to indicate it is the Wal-Mart case. For example if you cite evidence from page 10, you will reference it as (W10). You do not need to put the case study details in your references list as, again, it is assumed to be common knowledge for this assignment. You must however fully reference all other sources.

Assignment Learning Objective: To demonstrate your ability to apply concepts from the module to an organisation or firm, to undertake a theoretically informed analysis and to draw conclusions that link the topic of study to the objective of sustaining competitive advantage. For this essay you will be required to independently investigate the academic literature on the topic and apply your knowledge of this literature to the organisation.
? You should use Calibri or Times New Roman 12-point typeface with single line spacing. Please leave a full line between each paragraph for easier on-line reading.

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