Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking

Topic: Drug Trafficking

Write a five (5) page minimum, DOUBLE SPACED, 12-FONT TIMES ROMAN paper withreferences and sources cited in APA format. Your cover sheet, abstract and your source citing/references are NOT included in the five page minimum.

Your grade will depend upon the presentation of your analysis and research, the quality of the work presented – whether you give a detailed presentation or a vague overview, whether you addressed all parts of the question asked, and how you support your argument/discussion – as well as the citing of a variety of sources/use of references and whether you met the mandatory minimum page requirement. Please make sure to use AT LEAST 5 sources for your research.

You may pick any topic related to the field of drug control but you must submit it to your instructor for approval by the end of Week one; failure to have your topic approved will result in a 5 point penalty on your overall paper/project grade. You may want to browse through the textbook chapters for possible ideas. Once you select a topic, I can help you structure an outline to help you move forward with your final draft.

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