Description In this assignment, you will need to: (1) state which research question you will be addressing and explain why the question is important or significant; (2) include a list of at least five sources that are directly relevant to your research question; and (3) provide a one paragraph (per article) summary of the main themes covered in each source and a brief rationale as to why/how the source is relevant to the research question. In the end, you should have five separate paragraphs discussing each of the individual references.
this is the actual question. above is just a discription of how this paper is supposed to be.? Select one drug from the following list and explain why it was criminalized in the U.S. and Canada?: Marijuana; Cocaine; Opium/Heroin
? Has the ?War on Drugs? been effective in addressing the ?drug problem??the references has to be acadamic sources. for example books.
all the references has to be from books. please take part in consideration because it plays a major role in achieving good grades.

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