“E-business: growth and future”

information system technology

The topic is “E-business: growth and future”

A one-page project proposal in Word format outlining the project. The proposal should at least cover the following information: team organization, a brief introduction of the specific topic on which you are going to work, and tentative milestone/schedule of the project.

Mobile Operating Systems
Mobile operating systems are modernizing the business world. The online market is forcing businesses to modernize and change the way the strategies are put into place to maintain a strong foothold in the competitive market. Most companies are forced to change and adapt to mobile operating systems or end up failing in the ever-evolving market. Mobile operating systems are the way of the future, and with today’s technological advances it will continue to grow and improve how businesses are run.
Team Organization
Joseph Orn – Group Leader
Liseth L
Joseph Bu
Specific Topics to be included
• Different variations of the mobile systems
• Why the change?
• How this system is affecting the business market
• Examples of business’s who failed to adapt
• Businesses that are successful after using the mobile operating system
• Technology used with the system
Rough Timeline
Week 3 – assign specific topics of research to group members
Week 4 – collective researching on topic
Week 5 – rough drafts of specific sections
Week 6 – collaboration and basic formatting of paper
Week 7 – second rough draft to be completed, more concrete and detailed
Week 8 – finalize draft

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