early childhood education

Assignment #1: A hypothesis is a researcher’s prediction of the research findings, a statement of the researcher’s expectations about the relations among the variables in the research topic. Create examples of (1) directional, (2) non-directional, and (3) null hypothesis statements. You will have three different examples. You can use hypotheses relating to your discipline. Use the rubric on page 8 of your syllabus.

Preparatory Assignment (O):

Begin work on research paper. (See syllabus pages 12-14)

Additional Resources (O):

Jackson State Library (online) – Journal Article Searches

Construct Three (3) Hypotheses Statements: ELCC 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: REF #3. Candidates are expected to be able to write, upon demand, well constructed hypotheses. Students should provide evidence of this proficiency by writing three hypotheses: 1 – Directional Hypothesis (in either direction); 1- Non-directional Hypothesis; and 1 – Null Hypothesis.

*****Candidate is able to write 3 well written hypotheses that are based on sound rationale, derived from previous research, provides a reasonable explanation for the predicted outcome, states clearly and concisely the expected relation (or difference) between the variables and defines those variables in operational, measurable terms, and would be testable.

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