Early Education Midterm 21 questions

Early Education Midterm 21 questions

Question 15 pts
How could the ecological systems theory help a teacher in a preschool classroom? Create and write a detailedscenario that shows how a teacher might use their

understanding of this theory with a child/family
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Question 25 pts
How can caregivers facilitate motor development in infancy? What should be avoided? How do approaches differ across cultures?
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Question 35 pts
What is a longitudinal study? Why is this approach useful in child development?
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Question 45 pts
Describe one chromosomal and one gene-linked abnormality. (Don’t just name them, describe them).
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Question 55 pts
What are gene-environment correlations? (list and describe them)
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Question 62 pts
What is the Zone of Proximal Development?
Critical period
The difference between what a child can do alone or with help
When teachers help children learn

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Question 72 pts
What are the three domains of child development covered in this class?
Biological, Socioemotional, Growth
Cognitive, Biological, Socioemotional
Feelings, Cognitive, Socioemotional
Brain, Social, Biological

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Question 82 pts
What are the five periods of development?
Baby, infancy, early childhood, middle school, adolescence
Prenatal, infancy, preschool, elementary school, adolescence
Prenatal, infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence
Prenatal, infancy, elementary school, middle childhood, high school

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Question 92 pts
What are four systems in Bronfenbrenner’s model?
Mircosystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem
self, family, school, culture
Mircosystem, peer system, largersystem, broadsystem
Minisystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem

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Question 102 pts
What is the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable?
A dependent variable must be measurable, an independent variable can be estimated
An independent variable refers to a child’s age, a dependent variable refers to a child’s developmental level
An independent variable is manipulated by the researcher. a dependent variable is measured at the end
An independent variable measures development

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Question 112 pts
What do teratogens and critical periods have to do with one another?
There are specific periods in development where teratogens are most dangerous to a fetus or neonate
Toxins should be avoided during pregnancy
Toxic chemicals can pose risks to infant brain development
Teratogens can be harmful to an unborn fetus

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Question 122 pts
What is synaptic pruning?
Deterioration of brain matter in premature infants
The growth of many more synapses than a human will ever need
Reduction in brain activity due to teratogens
The removal of unused synapses in the brain

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Question 132 pts
According to Piaget, what is a schema?
an innate knowledge structure that does not change with development
something babies suck
the interaction between the environment and the organism
a pattern of action or mental structure used in acquiring or organizing knowledge

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Question 142 pts
Dr. Manquero forms the hypothesis that ingesting chocolate prior to an exam will improve exam performance. She gives half of her participants chocolate and the other

half gum. She then gives the participants an exam. In this experiment, what is the best way to divide the participants into groups?
Make sure that each group wants to eat the chocolate or chew the gum.
Have all males in one group and all females in the other.
Use random assignment.
How the groups are formed doesn’t matter.

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Question 152 pts
Breast milk is related to:
All of these are related to breast milk.
decreased likelihood of obesity for the child later in life.
decreased likelihood of breast cancer for the mother later in life.
decreased likelihood of asthma later in life.

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Question 162 pts
Camille is crawling and she stops before crawling off an edge. This suggests:
that crawling infants perceive depth.
that differences in thresholds are surprising to infants.
that infants are prewired to avoid danger.
that infants are afraid of changes in their environments.

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Question 171 pts
What is the limitation of a correlational study?
You can’t use random assignment
You don’t have a measurable outcome
you cannot determine a cause and effect relationship
It is unethical

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Question 181 pts
In the Forgotten Children article, you learned about children raised in institutionalized care. What does the early environment have to do with the sensitive period

for IQ?
A child must be raised in an enriched anvironment during the first two years of life for optimal IQ to develop
Sensitive caregiving is important for IQ
A child must be raised in an enriched anvironment during the first five years of life for optimal IQ to develop
There is no sensitive period for IQ.

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