Easy Chemistry assignment

Easy Chemistry assignment

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Deadline (Pacific Time) 04/28/2017 06:00 am
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#4 Extra Credit Chemistry

X1. [4 points] Choose one of the two examples listed and explain which Principles of Green Chemistry were used.

See inside front cover of your text!

a) Replacing mercury batteries with other chemistries. or

b) Replacing acidic manganese-zinc galvanic cells with alkaline manganese oxide-zinc cells.

X2 . Every year people are injured by mixing the common cleaning compounds bleach(sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl) with ammonia(NH3). The overall reaction is: NH₃ + NaOCl → NHâ‚‚Cl + NaOH . NH2Cl is called monochloramine and when it gets into your lungs it can attack mucous membranes, irritating the lungs and reacting with your hemoglobin to make those cells incapable of carrying oxygen – all in all , a bad day.

a) [2 points] What is the oxidation state (not charge!) of the nitrogen(N) atom in ammonia(NH3)? Hint – what kinds of ions does hydrogen like to make?

b) [3 points]What is the oxidation state of the chlorine atom(Cl) in sodium hypochlorite NaOCl? Hint – this is an unusual oxidation for state for chlorine.

You know that chlorine likes to make chloride ions(Cl– ) so you may be surprised by your answer. Use your knowledge that sodium likes to make +1 ions and oxygen likes to make -2 ions to calculate the oxidation state of chlorine.

c) [3 points] Because the oxidation states of nitrogen and chlorine change, explain (or better yet, draw) how you could make a galvanic cell from ammonia and bleach?

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