economics concepts influence on logistics

my major is economics, i am doing an internship in a logistics company this summer. my job is data analysis. the company do Domestic & International Logistics of Hazardous,Pharmaceutical & Poisonous Chemicals. Rent tanks to the customs and also negotiate with the ports to delivery these hazardous goods.
My school need me to finish a research paper about how this internship related with my economics major.

The following is my professor’s requirement on this research paper.

The paper should be 5 pages in length, double-spaced with standard 1 inch margins and 11 or 12 point font.

The report must be different than simply submitting a project you completed during your internship for your employer though it may draw on some of the same information. The objective of the paper is for you to tie together something you’ve learned during the internship or some topic or topics related to the internship to concepts and ideas you have learned during the economics courses you have taken.

For example, suppose you had a job as a marketing analyst for a company. You might be able to write about how your company tries to estimate willingness to pay for products and how the other “P’s” of marketing (e.g. product, promotion, and place) affect the price you charge. This would tie together some activity you were doing in your internship with economic concepts (demand).

Alternatively, you can also write a report about economic concepts that relate to your internship though they may not directly relate to the tasks you personally undertake. For example, suppose you were a volunteer income tax preparer. You could write your report about the general role that taxes play in the macroeconomy even though your actual internship doesn’t involve macroeconomics.

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