EEO/Anti-Discrimination/Diversity/Harassment Policy

This assignment is worth 100 points and 20% of your total grade. It requires you to draw upon what you have learned in the first 3 weeks of class to analyze a fictitious case study involving possible employee discrimination.

Please read the following case study. Then, answer the following questions:

1. Explain what is legally needed in order for religious discrimination to exist.

2. Is the company guilty of religious discrimination? Match the facts of the case to the legal criteria.

3. Explain what is legally needed in order for racial harassment to exist.

4. Is the company guilty of racial harassment? Match the facts of the case to the legal criteria.

5. Evaluate the actions of the HR director, Marta Ford, in response to Maalick?s situation. What did she do well? What did she need to do better?

Be sure to incorporate appropriate scholarly and practitioner references to support your key ideas. The total length of your assignment should be no more than 5-6 pages, not including the cover page and reference list.


(Note: The people and facts in this case are fictitious and do not represent any known party, organization, religion or situation.)

Treton Communications, Inc.
EEO/Anti-Discrimination/Diversity/Harassment Policy
Revised 2007

Treton Communications, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Policies of the company prohibit discrimination against an applicant or employee on the basis of race, color, religion, sex/gender (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability, marital status or veteran status. The company will conform to the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable laws and regulations.
The policy of equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination applies to all company facilities, employees and conditions of employment, including but not limited to hiring; promotion; transfer; evaluation; termination; layoff; training and accessibility to training; working conditions; wages and salary; employee benefits; and application of policies. Managers and supervisors at all levels have the responsibility to ensure equal employment opportunity. Managers and
supervisors will be held accountable for achieving the adherence to this policy, and their annual performance will be evaluated in terms of this as well as other major organizational goals.

Employees at Treton Communications, Inc. are critical to creating and sustaining the organization?s competitive advantage. Diversity and inclusion are top priorities, and the company strives to maximize the benefits derived from the incorporation of diverse perspectives. It is Treton?s position that a diverse workforce contributes to our strengths as a world-class provider of telecommunication services and
enhances our ability to anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers and clients. We leverage the benefits of diversity through our employee policies and practices, community investment and outreach.

Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that violates one or more of the following: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act of
1990 (ADA). Harassment is defined as unwelcome verbal or physical conduct based on race, color, religion, sex (including same-gender harassment and gender identity harassment), national origin, age, disability or retaliation. Harassment becomes unlawful when:
1) Enduring the offensive conduct becomes a condition of continued employment, or;
2) The conduct is severe or pervasive enough to create a work environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile or abusive.

Harassing behavior might be exhibited by anyone in the workplace, including management and supervisory staff, co-workers and peers, vendors/suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, or customer and clients. Victims of harassment can be anyone affected by the conduct, not just the individual at whom the offensive conduct is directed.

Internal Compliance
Employees at all levels, persons engaged in activities on the premises of Treton or persons who represent the company in any capacity are required to comply with the letter and spirit of this policy and all applicable and associated laws and regulations. Any employee or representative of Treton who believes that he or she:
1) Has been discriminated against;
2) Is the target of harassment;
3) Is being required to participate in unlawful discrimination and/or harassment and/or;
4) Has witnessed unlawful discrimination and/or harassment;
Should seek guidance from his or her supervisor, other management/supervisory personnel or the facility/location compliance officer. To the extent possible, all information will be maintained on a confidential basis. When a supervisor/manager is notified or is aware of discrimination or harassment, he or she must notify the facility compliance officer. The compliance offer for the Midwest facility is Marta Ford, Director of Human Resources, Office 356, Phone 884-765-1234, e-mail

Violation of Policy
Violations of these policies, regardless of whether an actual law has been violated, will not be tolerated. The company will investigate every issue that is brought to its attention as relating to these policies and will take appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Treton Midwest Facility Organizational Chart

Organizational Profile

Treton Communications, Inc. is a public giant in the telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Eastern Michigan, Treton offers a range of wireless and wireline communications services to consumers, businesses and government users. In addition to its headquarters campus, Treton has call centers and regional operations throughout the United States. The company?s gross revenue was $20 billion in 2007, with 30,000 employees worldwide. Two years ago, Treton expanded its operations with the opening of its Midwest facility and plans to add two more facilities in Southern and Northwestern locations in the United States. These new facilities offer many Treton employees exciting opportunities for advancement.

The Midwest facility is located in Chenworth, Kansas. It currently employs 360 workers, with plans to reach a full workforce complement of 800 employees within three years. Chenworth?s demographics indicate a population that is predominantly white, with 7 percent racial/ethnic minorities. The demographics of the 360 employees of the Midwest facility similarly reflect a 5 percent racial/ethnic minority representation.

Employee Relations

Treton takes pride in its non-union status and strives to develop policy and implement programs that demonstrate its strong company culture of employee development and empowerment, procedural and operational integrity, and ethical decision-making. To sustain its culture and values, Treton has policies, procedures and guidelines that articulate its expectations of employee and employer behaviors. Promoting and facilitating workforce diversity is a guiding principle for Treton. The organization has written policies and directives regarding workforce diversity, equal employment opportunity/nondiscrimination and workplace harassment.

Principal Individuals

MarShawn DeMur (a.k.a. Maalick)
Employee filing the complaint
Clive Jenkins
Midwest facilities director and MarShawn?s supervisor
Marta Ford
Midwest facility human resources director, EEO and diversity compliance officer
Judith Dixon
Corporate vice president for EEO and diversity

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