Effective use of erp systems

Task (6 Pages)
Write a business report based on the following:

Effective use of ERP systems can be instrumental in improving business efficiency of medium-sized enterprises. However, ERP implementation is a costly, complex and risky activity (e.g. ). You are an IT implementation consultant and you have been asked to prepare a report that outlines risks a challenges of the ERP implementation for the Australian Travel Agencies. Do not limit your report to the generic discussion of ERP-related issues and explain factors that are particularly critical from the travel industry’s perspective. Provide suggestions for minimizing the risks and overcoming the challenges.


This task meets Learning Outcomes 5 & 6:

Students will :

be able to critique management processes and involvement in planning for Information Systems and Information Technology in an organisation;

be able to identify and co-relate emerging technology issues in management and provide a short balanced analysis report.

Words Limit: 1500-2000

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