Emerging Trends in Nuclear Arms Control and Non-prolifiration

DescriptionOverview: In this project, you will search for information that enables you to identify three top trends in your profession or field. Over the course of the project, you will exercise information literacy skills as you locate and evaluate information, and develop well-reasoned conclusions. You will choose six articles that best illustrate the top trends, and provide a summary of the main points and an analysis of the value of the resource to your conclusions about trends. This project will prepare you for longer research projects, requiring you to search for relevant information and convey your conclusions succinctly and clearly. Each step of this project should take no more than two hours to complete.
You must write annotations for the six references that illustrate three trends in your industry or field. Annotating means ?to supply with critical or explanatory notes or comment upon in notes,? and you will provide a short, focused analysis of the articles that you have chosen in context to a trend you have identified. A trend could be one that any industry insider is aware of, an emerging trend, or it could be a trend that you feel is unrecognized or disputed. This is up to you. Just be sure to provide evidence for the trends you choose with references. It is possible that you will want to do some more searching after you begin to write. This is fine because after you begin to write and read resources more carefully, you might find a different trend or change your focus.Each annotation will consist of a descriptive paragraph and an analytical paragraph. In the descriptive paragraph, summarize what the author is trying to say. The author might not mention the trend you are interested in, and that is OK. Save your insights into that for the analytical paragraph, where you will talk about how this resource supports a trend.

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