Encryption requirements as stated in the law

1. This discussion question requires that you research the use of digital certificates for authenticating users and servers.

Pick your favorite Web browser.

Research how and when this Web browser uses digital certificates to authenticate users and servers. (Hint: try using “digital certificate server authentication” as your search string.)

Write a plain English summary of your research.

Next, write an explanation of how to import and export digital certificates in your selected Web browser (this should be a step-by-step explanation of the actions you must take).

Post your summary and procedure as a response to this discussion question.

2. Encryption is used to protect both the confidentiality and the integrity of information both at rest and during transmission. This technology is accepted world-wide as the “go to” technology for protecting (a) privacy for individuals and (b) confidentiality of financial information and intellectual property for corporations.

In some cases, the adoption of encryption to protect privacy and confidentiality has been voluntary. But, more frequently, this adoption has been driven by laws and regulations.

Identify ONE law, either a US Federal Law or a US state law, that requires the use of encryption to protect either consumer or corporate information from unauthorized disclosure. Write a 150+ word plain English summary in which you address the following:

Type of information protected by the law

Encryption requirements as stated in the law

Impact of the law upon commerce in the United States

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