ENG-102-3055- week 3

ENG-102-3055- week 3

Assignment : Week 3 – Write an Annotated Bibliography for the Week 7 Paper
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Class : ENG-102-3055-English Composition II-04/2017
Assignment : Week 3 – Write an Annotated Bibliography for the Week 7 Paper
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Due Date : Mon, Apr 24, 2017 11:55 PM MST
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Due This Week:

Search the University Library for at least four sources related to your Week 7 Final Paper.
Write an annotated bibliography of the sources you found following the example in the course Shared Files. Include the following information for each of the citations:
The correct reference for the source using West Writing Style Handbook guidelines
A brief description of the source, such as journal article, research study, or report
A short summary of the primary points or arguments in the source (about three sentences)
A discussion of how this source relates to your current ideas for your final paper. Note whether and how this source changed your mind, or confirmed your initial opinions.
Format your paper using the West Assignment Template and the guidelines for references and citations in the West Writing Style Handbook .
You can easily create correct references and citations using the Reference and Citation Generator on the West Writing Center site (MyWest > Resources > Learning Resources > West Writing Center).
Review two Student Success videos:
The West Writing Style Handbook
Assignment Ethics, Plagiarism, and Citations (on using the reference and citation generator).

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