Engaging different audiences

How do you respond to this post:
Greetings class,

Academic writing to me is where writing about topics from scholars, or professionals release their thoughts. Even though at work writing is and should be professional, it isn’t all the time. When engaging different audiences, we do tend to use different approaches. This is where the writing varies in my opinion and from my experiences.  If I were to send an email to one of my superiors, the email would remain professional, disciplined in choice of words as to not show any signs of sarcasm or disrespect. If I were to write an email to a colleague, then the joking and nonchalant attitude may be present through my words.

Academic writing has to be diverse based on the audience that you are reaching out to. It also can be complex when trying to understand what the author is stating if the intended audience or even an audience unfamiliar with the topic attempts to understand.

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