Course name: Choral Conducting and pedagogy

Course Introduction

MUSC7620 allows students with an experience of choral music to develop further understandings of choral processes and skills.It is assumed that students have at least some experience as a choral singer and preferably experience as a conductor.

Task description

Assessment Task one

Write a literature review on one of the following topics. The literature review will be up to 1500 words(not including references) and will  include a minimum of eight separate references, each of which must be referenced according to the APA style-sheet. These references must be  more recent that the year 2000.

A high standard of academic expression, following the conventions of academic writing in english are required for the text, the format and the references in this task. All statements are required to be academically supported.

Suggested support for this task includes:

Having the paper edited by a person competent to edit and academic english text.

Assistance from library staff as appropriate

Reading a larger number of articles(perhaps up to twenty) in order to decide which source are most relevant to the task

date due: SEP 17th


Common vocal and musical problems encountered in the choir and rehearsal techniques to solve them

The references need to be at least 8.

I will send you 3 PDF by email for you to use as references, then you need to find the other 5 .  so find the others 5, must be books.

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