The first essay asks you to comment on the challenges that the traditional Chinese values are facing in the contemporary globalization.

Choose one or two traditional values, for example, He, Ren, Yi, Li, Xiao, or any other values, which you have something to say or comment on. Explain how the value or values impacted on the shaping of Chinese culture.  Then, make comparison with the Western social values to explain how the two kinds of values are similar to and also different from each other. Afterwards, you must make a judgment on how the Chinese value or values are challenged during the rapid modernization of China during the past thirty years or so.  The paper should end with your suggestion about how Chinese culture and the Western culture could have constructive dialogue in order to benefit people on both sides during the age of Globalization.

Your paper must have an Introduction for stating your thesis, a few paragraphs to support your thesis, and a conclusion.

Your paper had better be composed of 1,000 to 1,200 words, printed in double space, and including a reference shee

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