English research paper

English research paper
English research paper, 1500-2000 words with MLA format.

Choose one of the story listed on below and write a thoughtful research paper.

It requires minimum Five sources for the reserach paper. (One from book, at least Two from Galileo, remaining from public internet sites except Wikies and blogs.)

Topic and Working Bibliography is due before April, 15th Saturday.

Research paper is due on April, 17th Monday.

For more details please read below.

Everyday Use, by Alice Walker


The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien


The Story of an Hour (1894), by Kate Chopin


Araby, by James Joyce


(You need to gather a minimum of five sources for the final paper (no more than seven). You need to have at least one book, either from the library or bookstore, or an ebook from Netlibrary. You must also have at least two GALILEO sources. The remaining sources may be public Internet sites; however, they must be valid and scholarly. Wikis, blogs, discussion boards, or sources in the style of Cliffs Notes will NOT count, although you can certainly use them to generate ideas.)

Book: Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Compact Edition. Ed Edger V Roberts and Robert Zweig. 6th ed. New York: Pearson, 2015,

Use research materials from GALILEO. (at least two resources)

GALILEO Password: pension



Topic and Working Bibliography
1. Post information about the work you have chosen and the focus topic of your research essay. Include a brief description of why you have chosen the topic, what your interest is in the subject matter, and what you might want to discover about your topic as you complete your research. This should be at least 1-2 good-sized paragraphs.

2. Include a bibliography of at least three sources that you can use for your essay. Ensure that they are scholarly sources and contain adequate information to help you formulate and support a thesis. Follow MLA guidelines.

Writing the Research Essay
The research paper is your opportunity to enter into the conversation to which you have begun listening. So far, you have gathered sources and then organized them. Now, closely analyze your sources and answer the following questions. You will enter into the conversation by drafting some of your answers to the particular sources that focus on your topic.

Do you agree or disagree with the other scholars?
What do you agree with or disagree with in their research?
What claim might you make?
What are your reasons for the claim?
What evidence from the text would you provide?
What counter-arguments might you anticipate?
How will you address these counter-arguments?
A humanities-based research paper often follows this format:

Literature review
Theoretical approach that offers a different perspective
Writer’s arguments
The writer’s refutation of counter-arguments
While you may choose to use a different model, you might keep this one in mind, as well as the models that are offered in your book.

Your answers to the above questions will help you formulate your own claim, reasons, and evidence. Remember, this is NOT an essay based on personal experience, do not use first person.

In fact, if you have not done so already, write your claim and reasons right now. Your claim and reasons will function as the thesis of your paper. If you identify a particular theoretical approach that supports your claim, you may want to review that material and include it in your paper. Your evidence will then be the selections of the text, as well as the scholarship of others, that you use to support your argument. Be sure to incorporate at least five sources (no more than seven) in your final paper. Your essay should be a minimum of 1500-2000 words.

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