enterprise risk management paper

enterprise risk management paper

The written assignment will illustrate the student knowledge gained through risk and risk management. The focus of this assignment is Human Resource Risk where

students will reflect back on previously submitted assignments, articles, videos and additional videos added for week 10 written assignment. Students are encouraged to

include personal and professional experiences and opinion on work practices and their suggestions to manage risk in the work-place. The assignment will be no longer

than 4 pages, and no less than 2 pages, double spaced, 12 font.

To complete the writing assignment students will incorporate into their paper the following:

What are risks that employers assume when selecting or hiring staff (ex. behavioral issues etc).
What is the purpose of background checks.
What are the dangers and risk of workplace violence ( other employees, continuity issues, cost and benefit etc). Explain your position.
What are the OSHA risk issues employees may create for the employer?
What are the loss and shrinkage risk employers assume when hiring staff.
What are the property issues such as loss of corporate information through cyber activity.

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