Entrepreneurial Business Proposal ( developing business skill )

Topic: Entrepreneurial Business Proposal ( developing business skill )
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Entrepreneurial Business Proposal (Option B)

In this project, you will imagine yourself as an entrepreneur establishing a business after

graduation. You will prepare a focused and creative entrepreneurial business proposal for

your enterprise. Think of this as an ‘elevator pitch’ where you present your business idea to

potential funders.

As you come up with your business proposal, try to identify real problems in society, create

innovative solutions and commercialise those solutions to a target market.

You can create a café, a restaurant, a consulting/training company, a technology company,

a social media company and what not. The sky is the limit! Try to demonstrate creativity,

insight, reflection, and depth. Innovation, integration, and synthesis are critical. Use your

best creative skills and talents. What are you really curious and passionate about?

You business proposal should have the following sections (each of these should be very


1. Executive summary: Summarize your business idea as an elevator pitch. Where is

your unique value proposition?

2. Business description: What is your core or your “secret sauce” which is not easily

duplicated? How do you define your sustainable competitive advantage? How does

this business idea relate to your passion and goals?

3. Your product /service: How do you design and build your product or service? How do

you develop the idea, technology and passion necessary to get started? Think about

your impact and contribution you want to make if this business is successful.

4. Market analysis: What about the competition in the market? How do you differentiate

your business in this market?

5. Marketing plan: Who are your customers? (A profile of your targeted customer) How

do your customers access/reach your product or service? What is the process

for acquiring a targeted customer?

6. Financial/operational plan: What metrics need to be put into place to determine if

your product/service is successful (or not) early in the process? How do you make

money? How do you scale to widen and diversify the revenue stream?

7. Creative advertisement/poster: Create an A4 poster for your business; which will be

your advertisement.

o The applicable word limit for the written part of this assignment is 1500 words. Please

feel free to use tables, figures, and visuals as these do not count towards the word


o Please note that the seven points above are intended to help you structure and write

your business idea; but you do not have to strictly follow this structure or answer all the

questions above. It is your business idea, you are the owner and the entrepreneur and it

is up to you how to narrate or present it.

Indicative Notes:

1) At the heart of this assignment is independent thinking and creativity. We want you to

take ownership of your ideas and express them passionately and eloquently.

Structure is less important. How you visualize and represent your ideas in an

engaging and interesting way is more important. Think of it as an exercise in

imagination. We encourage you to play, create stories, dream of possibilities, and

incorporate your own strengths and passions.

2) There is not one best way to write up this assignment. There is not one right answer.

You will need to find and develop your own ‘right’ answer. It is your playground and

you are encouraged to play/experiment with crazy, risky, creative, imaginative

business ideas. You will need to find your own voice and incorporate that voice into

your pitch.

3) This assignment does not require you to write an advanced business plan with all its

functional, operational, and financial details. In this sense, do not think of this

assignment as a traditional business plan. It is more like an elevator pitch for your

business idea. As we live in a world of information overload, people do not want to

read very long business plans or business reports. Try to make it compelling, visual,

and creative. Make it interesting to capture attention.

4) Try to illustrate the basics of how you would pitch and initiate your business idea. We

do not want you to delve into all the details of your market analysis report or your

marketing communications strategies or your projected financial statements for the

next five years. Please remember that this module focuses on the big picture, rather

than the managerial functions. We want you to conceptualize, design, and integrate

your business ideas into an exciting business proposal.

5) Demonstrating evidence of your module learning and engagement with module

materials is a critical aspect of this assignment. Therefore, the appendices are very

important. You will need to incorporate and apply the toolkits/models/skills we have

discussed and learned during the lectures and seminars. Please incorporate these in

the form of tables, figures, and visuals. Feel free to apply multiple perspectives,

frameworks or toolkits that are relevant (such as business model canvas, design

thinking tools, benchmarking, six hats thinking).

note : 1.5k words, art work and if possible give me table and graphs

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