Environmental and Health Standpoint: Organic Food


There are many issues we might consider on the topic of Food.


Some of these include:

availability of it (to whom and under what access restrictions);

quality of it (different grades for different populations and/or places?);

cleanliness issues (sanitation, preparation, processing, delivery, storage);

the waste associated with it (sample sizes, expiration dates, recycling, discarding of it);

packaging of it (here and abroad);

nutritional value (is it “good for you”, and based on what?);

targeted marketing (to population segments such as children, mothers, fitness fanatics);

  cost (real or subsidized, reasonable or ?);

stability of supplies (planned production, reserves and distribution, …);

  sustainability of certain products (meat vs vegetables, energy-intensive farming practices, …);

food deserts (what is available, to whom, and why);

  organics (are they “worth” it? What does it even mean, why is it important (if it is)?);

regulatory oversight (who oversees this? Is there consistency, overlap, confusion?)


…just to name a few.


Please select one of these to report on in class. Explain why you think it’s critical that we ”get this right”, from an environmental and public health standpoint; make a logical and effective case for your position. 


Summarize your views in a few written pages, and come to class prepared to discuss your views (…and convince your classmates of your point of view).

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