Environmental Health: Clean Air

The Search for Clean Air

There has been an ongoing ?battle? to understand and work towards ?clean air?. Even the name itself raises issues; we each may have very different views on what ?clean air? means, what the relative sacrifices are or need to be, or even how ?clean? the air really ?needs? to be.

Some have argued we have gone overboard with regulations, or that we have spent too much or achieved too little. Others have argued we have missed the ?big picture? of more balanced trade-offs or presented beliefs as facts and acted irresponsibly. Still others have suggested the evidence is clear and we are foolish to not do more.

For this next assignment, do some reading and web searches and find an event, article, or activity that documents/reflects a key issue of the ?clean air debate? for you. This may or may not represent a viewpoint that you personally hold, but it should be one that you believe is an important part of the ?clean air debate? underway in our country and the world.

Summarize your thoughts and findings in ONE page of text (not including references), and come to class on Thursday prepared to discuss your views.

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