In no fewer than 750 words, write an evaluation essay of a parenting model or style discussed in one of the readings/video from this unit: (see attached)

Develop your evaluation essay by using the basic features of an evaluation. Remember, you’re essentially judging the parenting model or style, so your thesis statement, which should be the last sentence of your introduction, should clearly state your judgment. The rest of your evaluation will support your judgment. Be sure to quote from the essay to help you describe the parenting model and its features. You want your audience to fully understand what it is you’re evaluating. Finally, be sure you know which criteria you’re using to evaluate the parenting model.  In essence, what do reasonable people accept as commonly held parenting standards or criteria?

Important: For this paper, you should format your paper in MLA style and use MLA in-text citations and include the Works Cited page to document the article you’re responding to. The Works Cited entry is given for each source in the readings, so you’re responsible for creating the corresponding parenthetical. For help with MLA, visit Bedford’s free online MLA handbook.

Your evaluation essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • How clear and focused the thesis statement is
  • How well the essay conforms to the basic structure/organization of an evaluation
  • How well quotes from the reading/video are integrated into the essay
  • How well the evaluation is supported with reasonable assertions and evidence
  • How well the essay uses clear, coherent, and correct sentences
  • How well the essay conforms to MLA documentation
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