Essay Questions for Global Management class

Answer each essay question with a minimum of 8-10 complete sentences with examples that will illustrate your answer. Beside using your textbook (International Management by Deresky, Helen, 8th. Ed., Pearson), you are required to use one outside source to answer each question. ***You must use your textbook (Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 only) and one outside source to each question***
1.Cite your sources within your responses to each question.
2. Provide Reference Pages in APA formatting.(Textbook: International Management by Deresky, Helen, 8th. Ed., Pearson)
Please remove my login info after you have finished my essay. Thank you so much!1.Describe the strategies of globalization and regionalization. When can each strategy be used most effectively?
2. What is sustainable development? Why is sustainability a dilemma for MNCs?
3. What is the difference between parochialism and ethnocentrism?
4. What level of social responsibility is expected from domestic firms? What level is expected from international firms?
5. What are some of the differences between Japanese and American communication styles? What can American managers do to improve business communications with Japanese managers?
6. What is globalization? What is the relationship between globalization and information technology?
7. Discuss the impact of the Internet on various cultures. How do cultural differences complicate international management in regard to the use of technology? Provide specific examples in your answer.
8. What are the main differences between Japanese and American negotiators?
9. Why is language often a cause of miscommunication across cultures? What can international managers do to minimize communication problems that stem from language differences?
10. What is currency translation exposure? Provide an example to illustrate your answer.

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