In your own short sentences explain the following questions
Didactic Story
Socratic Method
Heidegger’s Being There
Keirkegaard’s Subjective Truth

1. Plato’s approach to morality
Plato’s concept of human soul
2. Aristotle’s attitude on drama or story
3. Heidergger’s idea of anguish, why anguish.
4. Sartre’s idea of choice
5. Neitzsche’s idea of God.
6. Levinas’s idea of the Other and I relationship
7. Why do people do wrong according to Socrates?
8. Explain the difference between morals and ethics.
9. In your opinion, should Socrates have tried to escape? Why or why not
10. Explain Sartre’s concept of Bad Faith.
11. List and define Gilligan and Kohlberg’s Moral Development Stages

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