Ethics – Case study report

CASE STUDY REPORT (INSTRUCTIONS)- Walk a mile in my shoes

-Consider what issues are presented by the case study, and how these issues might be informed by the theories explored in Ethics. Then, select two theoretical frameworks that can help inform an appropriate solution to the dilemma. The two theoretical frameworks are: Intuitionism and Kant?s duty ethics , both embedded by relativism and absolutism.
-6 references will be expected. Wikipedia will not be considered.
-Have arguments for and against, but choose one side.
-Marking criteria and the case study will be attached. Please make sure you comply with the marking criteria.
– words: 1.500 (please do not go over it)
-I am attaching an extra guide with extra information
– My university has its own referencing style; I will attach too. (Please follow it )

General questions to think about

? What are the issues in this case?
? What are some of the arguments for and against particular actions?
? What kind of frameworks and principles might you apply to your analysis of the case?
? Which way will you argue the case?
? What two frameworks are you using?
? Are there any considerations of principles such as freedom/determinism and absolutism/relativism?
? What are the arguments for the two frameworks?
? What are the points you will make in presenting the case?
? Who/how will the case be presented within the timeframe allowed?
? How much is this about ?following the rules??
? How does community development and diversion from the criminal justice process influence the argument?
? Do codes of practice offer any insight?

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